Monday, March 16, 2009

Who wants to win One Million Pesos?

Did you ever shop & win prizes at SM Hypermarket? when i was still an outsider, i used to shop at SM but i never won any prize, i sometimes wondered if there are really winners in SM's that i am an insider (i was hired in 2007 & during that time SHOP & WIN promo was still on-going), i had the privilege of awarding ONE MILLION PESOS to the lucky winner every month. It was fun & exciting...hearing stories from our shoppers about the items they bought that brought them fortune. I have fond memories of a winner who shared with us that he keeps on dreaming about "human manure" everyday for 10 days. (Do you believe in dreams & it's meaning? well, that shopper validated to me that dreaming about your waste brings you money). Im in my happiest moment everytime i handed the "Big Check" to the winner.

SHOP & WIN was SM Hypermarket's promotions since it opened in 2001. It gives shoppers a chance to win One Million Pesos; one winner every month& Shop & Win produced almost 100 millionaires. But for 2009 we're changing direction. We're using a roletta. Instead of giving away one million every month to one winner only, we will still give away the One million but to several winners. we're breaking down the prize so that more shoppers can enjoy the winnings...& since we have plenty of shoppers everyday, prizes will now be small items & will vary from shampoo to a mug or a greenbag but at least everyone will not go home empty handed. When you shop at Hypermarket you get to win a prize. How's that? which do you prefer? Winning a prize everytime you shop? or winning the One Million Pesos?