Friday, May 29, 2009

Super Chef comes closer to you

Have you been to a cooking demo? it runs about 2 to 3 hours but its worth your time..especially if the Chef is good looking like Chef Tristan. Its not just the food that looks yummy but the Chef too!! Aside from learning new cooking skills & tips on what's the best pot or pans to use (Chef Tristan endorses products by Sunnex), you also get entertained by an acoustic band. Expect raffle prizes, food tasting & of course you get a chance to meet & greet the Chef... im sure a lot of Chef Tristan's fans would love to have a picture with him. He's so kind in person.

On Sunday May 31, the newly opened SM Hypermarket along Shaw Blvd will have Super Chef featuring Chef Tristan & Chef Mitchie of Sunnex. Cooking demo will start 1PM. so, if you haven't visited the newest SM Hypermarket - it's the best time to go. by the way, if youre a resident of San Juan, it's just 5 to 10 minutes away from Wilson St.....We're invitng you to spend an afternoon with the Super Chefs!!! and of course, don't forget to shop!!!! you will like our modern wet market.

Friday, May 15, 2009

a new SM Hypermarket comes closer to you

The latest of SM Hypermarket branches was formally opened yesterday, May 15.

Right across JRU along Shaw Boulevard, residents of Mandaluyong & San Juan can now enjoy hassle-free, one-stop shop shopping experience. Shopping hours is from 9am -9pm.

It's the first time that SM Hypermarket will be operating outside the SM mall (a stand-alone as we insiders call it). It boasts of a modern wet market with fresh seafoods & meat products. Chicken & pork has the longest line (its a blockbuster!)... Shoppers can be assured that all produce are carefully examined and policed for proper handling & food safety.

A wide array of products and services are in store for everyone - home furnitures, appliances, shoes, apparel, school supplies, hardware & of course groceries. You can also pay your bills, reload you phone & exchange currencies at our Services counter. And if you want to satisfy your hunger after doing all the groceries, there's a foodcourt. At the ground floor there's Japan Home which i had fun checking out because they have cutie items for the home & i also had a haircut (got excited because all services are at 30% off in yesterday's opening). Some stalls are Julie's bakeshop, Ideal Vision & Sure Shot for photo services. There are still other stalls that are about to open like Watsons & Mang Inasal. Kids can also enjoy at Quantum while waiting for mom.

For the opening, there are a lot of BUY 1 Take 1 Offers. I was sooo happy that Thai Rice is Buy 1 Take 1!!!! Magnolia Nutri-oil, Clear, Sunsilk, Colgate, Vaseline lotion are some of the items that i grabbed. I also got attracted with a Digicam 8 megapixel for only P4,999 - but i already have one.. so i'll just reco to my friends. I saw a lot of shoppers leaving with Uratex matress because its 50% Off . Some bought a 32" LCD TV being offered at P19,990. Opening Promotions will run until end of May.

If you happen to prefer doing all chores all in one go, check out SM Hypermarket along Shaw Blvd. There's ample parking for Free!

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